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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

7 Things You Should Never Share On Facebook

While there are plenty of things that we all enjoy seeing on Facebook, there are also a ton of things that nobody likes to see. If you post any of the things below, you should consider changing your Facebook habits!

Your Phone Number

Do you have any ex-girlfriends or boyfriends that you don’t want getting in touch with you? A great way to help them reconnect is by publishing your new phone number. The best way to let people know about your new phone number is to text them!

Pictures Of Feet

Oh, did you really just get a pedicure? That’s great news but does everybody really need to see your feet? Unless you are a foot model (congrats if you are!), you really should refrain from posting pictures of your feet.

Uninteresting Baby Photos

So we all know that you are having a baby and it’s great news. However, if you document your entire child’s life on Facebook you’ve gone overboard. There’s a reason they call them home videos: Leave them at home for your private collection. We all love entertaining baby videos like this one, but do we really need to see every update? Everybody loves a cute baby, but documenting every moment like the applesauce they just ate, really is unnecessary.

It’s Complicated

When you’re in high school it’s funny to say that you are in a relationship with someone else, but if you are sharing with the world that you have hit a rough patch, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Seriously, hold off on posting that things aren’t easy for you right now. While your friends may post their sympathies in follow on comments, they really actually have pity for you. If you need support, call your friends, don’t post about it on Facebook for everybody to see!

Checking In To Common Locations

If you’re snorkeling in the great barrier reef, I’d recommend checking in on Facebook. However if you are picking up a Snickers bar at 7-11, there’s really no benefit to posting about it. The best things to share on Facebook are those things that are exciting and interesting, but driving through the McDonald’s drive thru is really not something your friends want to know about.

Something For Sale

There’s a reason Craigslist exists: to sell things. While you may have a used bike to sell, the odds that one of your friends wants to buy it right now is much less than someone buying it on Craigslist or another site. Seriously, if you have something to sell, go somewhere that the buyers are actually shopping!

Poorly Taken Photos

Your pet may be cute, and honestly, that’s something I enjoy seeing, but if you mess up the shot, it hurts your image. The plane you are taking off in may be exciting, but seeing the flash in the window reflection is painful for the trained eye! Frame the shot, make sure the flash is properly set, and shoot. If the photo doesn’t turn out well, take the photo again and share that to Facebook instead!


cookingvarieties 16 July 2011 at 10:33

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