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Friday, 29 April 2011

Raam currency

RAAM, or Raam is a bearer bond and local currency issued by Stichting Maharishi Global Financing Research (SMDFR), a charitable foundation based in MERU, Holland. It is also the "global development currency" of the Global Country of World Peace (GCWP). It was designed to be a flexible currency for national governments to use in the development of agricultural projects with the goal of eliminating poverty in third world countries. The Raam was launched on October 26, 2001 and is the concept of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique and the Global Country of World Peace.

Usage and purpose

According to Benjamin Feldman, the Minister of Finance for the Global Country of World Peace: "There are 1.5 billion people living in extreme poverty and currencies like the US dollar are not available to most of them. The Raam can be used to build new houses, roads, schools and health clinics". Feldman states that the idea is to start 3,000 farms in undeveloped areas, have the farmworkers paid in the new currency, and then have that currency converted to hard currency when the farms began exporting to world markets. According to Maharishi Global Financing, agreements were made in 2004 with a farmers' association in South America and with traditional leaders in Africa to start using the Raam for agricultural development projects. CATO Institute currency expert James Dorn expressed doubt about the viability of the plan, suggesting that other economic approaches would be a better way to establish the network of collective farms envisioned by the Raam project. As of March, 2004, there was no information available about the Raam development projects, what projects had actually been started, or whether there were any results from the first 2½ years of the project.
The Raam differs from other complimentary currencies because its focus is on the export of products―in this case organic agricultural products from third world growers to consumers in developed countries―rather than improving local circulation to benefit the lives of local people. Other developmental currencies instead focus on local and regional self-development.

Denominations and terms

The Raam is a bearer bond that earns a total of 3% interest after five years (.06% simple interest annually).
It is issued in denominations of 1, 5 and 10 Raams, with one Raam equal to 10 Euros in Europe, and one Raam equal to 10 dollars in the U.S. Raam notes are printed by Joh. Enschedé.


The Raam is currently used alongside Euros in accordance with Dutch law in more than 100 shops in the Netherlands. Shops associated with department store chains in 30 villages and cities have begun accepting the currency as payment for goods and services. The Raam is convertible in Holland at the Fortis Bank in Roermond, Holland. As of 2003, the Dutch Central Bank estimated that there were approximately 100,000 Raam notes in circulation.
The Raam is also in use in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa.The Maharishi Vedic City Raam is identical to the Dutch one except for a small yellow stamp "Maharishi Vedic City". In 2002, Maharishi Vedic City Mayor Bob Wynne estimated that there was $40,000 worth of Raam in circulation.
The Raam is accepted at Maharishi University of Management and a few businesses in nearby Fairfield. However, local banks, Jefferson County officials and other local businesses do not accept the currency. The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution requiring that property taxes be paid in dollars, to preclude homeowners from attempting to pay in Raam. The First National Bank of Fairfield initially agreed to accept the Raam and exchange it for dollars, but stopped after a few weeks because of discomfort in monitoring the alternative currency on a daily basis, and potentially being stuck with worthless Raam.
It is unclear as to how the Raam will circulate in the other countries, since 1 Raam is worth 10 Euro, and there are no smaller denominations

Source: wikipedia
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New Hair Loss Prevention Robot Approved By FDA

In an attempt to fight balding, The Food and Drug Administration has approved a machine called the Artas System for commercial use that intends to bring one's follicles back to life.

The System combines several features including an interactive, image-guided robotic arm, special imaging technologies, small dermal punches and a computer interface.

After the System is positioned over the patient's scalp, Artas is capable of identifying and harvesting follicular units. The follicular units are stored until they are implanted into the patient's recipient area using manual techniques.

The production company says the system can improve extraction rates to 750 to 1,000 units per hour. This is much quicker and less invasive than traditional harvesting techniques.

However there is a catch; only males with brown or black hair are candidates.

There are many causes for hair loss in men. However, in the overwhelming majority of males with hair loss, the cause is hereditary androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as "male pattern baldness." The tendency for male pattern hair loss is genetically inherited from either side of the family.

According to the manufacter's website:

"The presence of the hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), in a genetically susceptible man, is necessary for this problem to occur and begins to develop after puberty. Hair on the scalp that is genetically susceptible (the hairline, crown and top of the scalp), starts to shrink in its shaft diameter and potential length, until it eventually disappears in a process known as hair miniaturization. The hair on the back and sides of the scalp is usually genetically 'permanent' hair, which is destined to remain for that man's lifetime."

What can be done for a man losing his hair that wants to keep it around? First, hair restoration surgery offers a permanent solution to lost scalp hair. Modern techniques of surgical hair transplantation can restore lost hair and replace the hairline with your own natural growing hair, which needs no more care than the ordinary washing, styling, and trimming you have always done.

Hair transplantation involves removing permanent hair-bearing skin from the back and/or sides of the scalp. There are two main techniques by which hair follicles can be harvested from the donor area: follicular unit extraction (FUE) and strip harvesting. FUE involves using a small dermal punch (e.g. 1mm in diameter or smaller) to individually dissect out follicular units directly from the scalp. Strip harvesting is carried out by excising a strip of scalp from the donor area and dissecting out the follicular units under a microscope.

These small follicular unit grafts are then meticulously implanted into the bald or thinning area of the scalp (recipient area) so as not to injure any follicles already existing in the area and at the same angle as the other hairs present. The creation of small follicular unit grafts has enabled hair restoration surgeons to create natural appearing hairlines and results.

Second, medical treatments are now offered in the form of a pill (finasteride) and a topical liquid (minoxidil). They require a life-long treatment however to maintain their effect.

Then there is the good old fashioned wig. Hairpieces are a non-surgical means to restore hair by covering bald areas of the scalp. There is a large variety of means for attaching these such as glues, "weaves," and clips.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Beware of danger when playing PC games online!!

The Internet is a place where the user can find a lot of information, entertainment or work, but on the other side, the same user can “catch” viruses, spyware or malware. Many people don´t understand why somebody creates these harmful programs (see the notes below about these programs). However, the answer is easy – similarly in the common life we can meet a lot of people with wicked goals. And gaining money through special programs is an appropriate goal of many Internet thieves. There are various methods how to do it. On the Internet the user may visit some Web pages which contain viruses or spyware or malware. It can very often happen to the pages with games because games are considered to be typically connected with gamblers and for this reason it can be a source of money.

But the harmful code may not be only on the Web pages, games themselves can include it. It means that the player, when downloading some game and installing it on the local computer, also installs the harmful code without any suspicion. It can be very dangerous – one small example. Imagine the user installed the game that involves a so-called keylogger. The key logger is a small program that records stealthily all keys which the user presses. Many antivirus programs consider this software as a virus (usually as a Trojan-horse – see A worm, a virus or a Trojan horse?). So, the key logger writes all pressed keys to the txt file and sends it to the thief´s e-mail. Suppose, after that the user visited his online betting on the, where he had to write the text “” following by username “honba” and password “dfjni123″. The key logger put this string of characters in the txt file “www.abcd.czdfjni123″. The thief received the file, found this text and was very fast able to connect to the honba-account and transferred all the money from Honba´s Internet account to his (thief´s) own account. It was easy, wasn´t it? Of course, the probability of this coincidence is not very high, but who knows.


Malware means malicious software – authors of malware create programs for harming other software. Malware includes PS viruses, trojan-horses, spyware and adware.
Spyware is a program that uses the Internet for sending data from the computer without awareness of a user of the computer. It differs from the backdoor by a content of sending data, i.e. it sends only statistic data (e.g. overview of visiting pages, installed programs) and can be used for advertising. The spyware is typically widespread in shareware programs and the authors of the shareware know about it and conciliate it because they want to earn money.
Adware, or advertising-supported software, is any software that automatically downloads advertisements to a computer. The goal of the adware is to generate revenue for its author. Adware, by itself, is harmless; but some adware may come with integrated spyware such as keyloggers.
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Inductive charging: Charge Cellphone Wirelessly Through Magnetic Induction

Practically everyone owning a mobile knows that it is important to recharge the battery of the mobile every now and then. Many a times, you may have in fact been jolted from sleep because of the beeping of a weak mobile phone battery. Charging mobile phones may prove to be a hassle to many people with the cables that have to be carried wherever you go, and having to remember to charge the mobile on time.

Forget plugging your charger to a socket. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed remote charging using magnetic induction between two devices that resonate with one another. Objects that resonate on the same frequency send energy from each other, a phenomenon called “strong coupling.”

Inductive charging uses the electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. A charging station sends energy through inductive coupling to an electrical device, which stores the energy in the batteries. Because there is a small gap between the two coils, inductive charging is one kind of short-distance wireless energy transfer.

The other kind of charging, direct wired contact (also known as conductive charging or direct coupling) requires direct electrical contact between the batteries and the charger. Conductive charging is achieved by connecting a device to a power source with plug-in wires, such as a docking station, or by moving batteries from a device to charger.

Induction chargers typically use an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field from within a charging base station, and a second induction coil in the portable device takes power from the electromagnetic field and converts it back into electrical current to charge the battery. The two induction coils in proximity combine to form an electrical transformer.

Greater distances can be achieved when the inductive charging system uses resonant inductive coupling.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Present:My Fav Video

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Freshers recruitment at Excelsoft Mysore

Job Description

Excelsoft Technologies Mysore will be starting new batch of freshers for .NET training next month. You are requested to refer your friends or relatives (Freshers or candidates with less than 1 year experience). Knowledge of Basics of Computer programming and .NET are must. BE(CS/IS), MCA, BCA, BSc(CS), MSc(CS) or Diploma(CS) are eligible to apply. CVs will be screened and candidates who are registered in advance will be called for online test. Selection will be purely based on the performance in the test followed by interview. Please send CVs to Last date to submit the CVs is 29th April 2011.

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How to Use Coconut Oil As A Hair Treatment

Coconut oil has been used in India and other parts of Asia as a hair treatment for many years. Used as a hair treatment and a conditioner, coconut oil is known to add bounce and shine to dry and damaged hair. When combined with other essential oils, coconut oil makes an excellent dandruff treatment. Recent research shows that coconut oil has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and reduce protein loss as compared to other oils such as sunflower oils or mineral oils. Making a hair treatment out of a good quality coconut oil is fun and easy to do. Here is how.


things you'll need:
pure coconut oil
4 drops each of essential oils of lavender and geranium
4 drops of any two of these: essential oils of rosemary, cedarwood, tea tree, or neem
Comb or brush
A gentle shampoo

1.Buy a good quality coconut oil from a health food store. Use a virgin coconut oil that is made from fresh coconut meat rather than a refined coconut oil that has been stripped off its beneficial nutrients.

2.Brush hair thoroughly and comb out all the tangles.

3.Scoop out some coconut oil into a cup. Put the cup in a pot with warm water to melt the oil gently. Even though coconut oil stays a liquid in tropical climates, it solidifies at room temperature in most of North America. Coconut oil melts at around 76 degree centigrade.

4.Add essential oils to enhance the coconut oil treatment. A couple of drops of rosemary, neem, tea tree, or cedarwood essential oil added to the treatment will help fight dandruff and encourage hair growth. A few drops of lavender and geranium essential oils added to the coconut oil will nourish dry hair and also have an added bonus of being a soothing and stress relieving treatment.

5.Pour some of the warm oil into hands and massage scalp for a few minutes. Coat hair thoroughly with the rest of the coconut oil in the cup.

6.Put on a shower cap, or just use some saran wrap to cover hair. Leave the hair treatment on overnight for very dry hair. For oily or normal hair, leave the treatment on for two hours.

7.Wash out hair with a gentle shampoo. Hair may have to shampooed out twice to get all the oil out. Skip using a post shampoo conditioner.

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Monday, 25 April 2011

How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone?

How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone?

To check your Mobile phone's serial number, key in the following digits on your phone:

* # 0 6 #
A 15 digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

Should your phone get stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code.They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless
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I Phone Tips And Tricks

The I Phone is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is an Internet and Multimedia Enabled smart phone. The I Phone functions as a camera phone , Internet client and a portable media player. It also has web browsing, WIFI connection and email facility.

There are a lot of Tips and Tricks with regards to the I Phone:

The I Phone, like the Mac, is extremely simple and intuitive to use.

Scroll to Top of Page: Tapping the status bar (the bar at the top) will make scrollable content scroll to the top. It is handy in situations like when you have scrolled down a long web page or mail message and you need to get back to the top. This also has the time, service bars, and battery. In Safari, apart from taking you to the top of the page it also takes to the URL bar.

Saving images in Safari and Mail: An action sheet will be presented which will enable you to save the image by touching an image in Safari or Mail for a couple of seconds.
Email: Press the delete button that pops up on the right to delete email by just swiping left to right on the email list.

Phone Call: To stop an incoming call from ringing, press the sleep / wake button. Press the sleep / wake button twice to send the call immediately to Voicemail.

Domain Resolution: When you want to type an URL on the safari, you can just type the name of the URL instead of typing "www" or ".com". For example if you want to get in to webpage just type "ICICI". Your Search Engine must be set to Google and not to yahoo.

Caller ID: If a contacts photo is transferred with the contact's info from the Address Book, the contact's photo is shown as a thumbnail for the caller ID.

Caps lock: Double-tap the Shift key to lock it. The shift key will turn blue. Also make sure it is enabled in the General Settings. A handy way of saving a tap when you need to type a capital letter is to touch the Shift key then slide over to the desired key.

Address Book: By creating several sub groups it can speed up the location of a contact given the lack of an actual search function.

Characters: Hold a letter for a popup of various versions of the character (i.e. to type Espana with the "n" simply hold "n" and release to the appropriate character).

Take a Screenshot: If you want to take a screenshot, hold the home button and click the sleep button. The screen will flash white and the screenshot will be stored in your camera roll.

Fast Forward/Rewind Music & Video –Press and hold forward/back arrows to fast forward or rewind. Press on the album art to manually Fast Forward or rewind it.

Click & Hold URL's
In Safari, hold a link to see the URL and site name.
So, if you have an I Phone make use of the above tips to effectively use your phone.
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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Canara Bank requires Network Administrator (110) and other Post:

Please visit the Career section of Canara website at for more details and online submission of application from 20/04/2011 onwards.
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How to Counter Bad Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. It's hard to even imagine a life without mobile phones, let alone actually live without them.

While there are plenty of benefits attached with mobile phones, negative effects associated with them have also started surfacing. According to a recent study carried out in the United States, radio waves emitted from mobile phones and mobile phones towers can lead to disorders like insomnia, vertigo, lack of concentration etc. in humans. This can further develop into reduction in response-time, memory loss, acute headache, acute indigestion, and cardiac arrest as well.

Here a list of few easy-to-follow steps which can help counter the bad effects of mobile phone radiation:

Use Handsfree: This helps maintain a distance between the handset and your ears which in turn reduces the harmful effects of radiations.
Adequate Distance from the Body: While talking, don't glue your mobile phone to your ear. Proximity of mobile to the body parts can amplify the harmful effects of radiation. It can also lead to neck-ache and pain in the ear.
Do not Keep the phone under your pillow: It is a dangerous practice to keep your cellphone tucked under your pillow while sleeping. The waves emanating from mobile phones can cause severe headache and can lead to other disorders in the long run.

Switching off your Mobile: If possible, try and switch off your mobile while driving. If you are in an area where signal strength is poor, it's advisable to turn off your handset. This is because electromagnetic radiation augmented if the reception is poor.
Prefer SMS over Calls: Resort to texting for your various communication needs rather than making calls at the slightest pretext
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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Why use a solar phone charger?

Most everyone nowadays carries around a cell phone. There are many people that often forget to charge their cell phones especially if they are busy with work and other duties solar phone chargerthroughout the day. A solar mobile phone charger would be the right companion for your cell phone if you are the type of person that is busy throughout the day or if you tend to forget to charge your phone.

A solar mobile charger is handy because you can take it anywhere you go without the need of having to plug it in to any type of outlet. All you need is access to the sun (which is plentiful and available), and you’re set! There is no more worrying about where you will be able to find a plug to charge your cell phone. So why should you purchase a solar cell phone charger? Simple, because it will save you time, save you money, and it is convenient to use! Who wouldn’t want those benefits?

If you’re new to knowing about solar cell phone charger then you might be interested in knowing where you can find them at. This invention has not been around for too long, but long enough to where it is not very hard to find. In fact, you can find many online stores and even advertisements that promote solar cell phone chargers. Just to get you a head start you should head on over to this products page where you will be presented with various options of portable cell phone chargers to choose from.

My Solar Phone Charger is a directing website that will give you a list of available solar phone chargers that you can buy on the web. You will also find some other accessories to go along with your portable mobile phone charger as well.

Solar cell phone chargers are simply the best next invention for your cell phones and more people are beginning to switch over to use them. Depending on which one you purchase, there are some larger solar chargers that can charger more than one mobile phone at once. If you are just curious and interested in trying a solar portable phone charger out, you should be prepared to at least pay about $50; that is about how much the cheapest one will cost. It is definitely worth the investment to purchase one!
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For Your Safety: Emergency Phone Charger

To charge up your cell phone all the time, you must need a charger. The cell phone charger is very important for everyone who uses cell phone. Whenever you buy a cell phone, you must get a charger along with it. That charger helps you to charge your phone any time when you want but sometimes situation would be change. If you are not near to any electric chargers then what will you do? There is no electric switch available to plug the charger then what would be your next step? This is the main thing that most of the people think about because; they face this situation many times.

If it is so, then you may face trouble because of it. If you want to make any urgent call to anyone but there is no charge in your cell phone then it will make you more steady and disturbed. In this case, the Emergency Phone Charger would be perfect for you. This reliable and impressive safety charger helps you to charge up your cell phone every time and every where without getting any kind of difficulty. It is just made for your safety. The Emergency phone charger is just very small in size and it is very reliable than the other types of chargers. If there is hurricane, storm, rainfall, snowfall or any atmosphere around you, you must get worried about the charging of your cell phone. At that time, this charger would be perfect for you. You can find this charger in the market, and you will also see an interesting thing about it: this charger is available in different shapes and sizes according to choices of the users. This is an impressive and incredible feature that attracts the users to buy it for their use. Emergency Phone Charger is very small sized and it doesn’t have enough weight. You may easily put it in your pocket without getting any kind of problem or difficulty. Whenever you want to use it just put it out from your pocket. Plug it with your cell phone and your cell phone will start charging.

These are the best factors and features of emergency cell phone charger. You may search about it more in the market before buying. Always buy electronics of a perfect company so this will save your money.
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NFC an emerging technology

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch.

A standards-based connectivity technology, NFC harmonizes today's diverse contactless technologies, enabling current and future solutions in areas such as:

Access control
Consumer electronics
Information collection and exchange
Loyalty and coupons

Key Benefits of NFC

NFC provides a range of benefits to consumers and businesses, such as:

Intuitive: NFC interactions require no more than a simple touch
Versatile: NFC is ideally suited to the broadest range of industries, environments, and uses
Open and standards-based: The underlying layers of NFC technology follow universally implemented ISO, ECMA, and ETSI standards
Technology-enabling: NFC facilitates fast and simple setup of wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.)
Inherently secure: NFC transmissions are short range (from a touch to a few centimeters)
Interoperable: NFC works with existing contactless card technologies
Security-ready: NFC has built-in capabilities to support secure applications
Peer-to-peer communication
Payment & ticketing

How NFC works

NFC is a short-range, standards-based wireless connectivity technology, based on RFID technology that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between electronic devices in close proximity. It provides a seamless medium for the identification protocols that validate secure data transfer. This enables users to perform intuitive, safe, contactless transactions, access digital content and connect electronic devices simply by touching or bringing devices into close proximity.
NFC operates in the standard unlicensed 13.56MHz frequency band over a distance of up to around 20 centimetres. Currently it offers data transfer rates of 106kbit/s, 212kbit/s and 424kbit/s, and higher rates are expected in the future.
For two devices to communicate using NFC, one device must have an NFC reader/writer and one must have an NFC tag. The tag is essentially an integrated circuit containing data, connected to an antenna, that can be read and written by the reader.
There are two modes of operation covered by the NFC protocol: active and passive. In active mode, both devices generate their own radio field to transmit data. In passive mode, only one device generates a radio field, while the other uses load modulation to transfer data. The NFC protocol specified that the initiating device is responsible for generating the radio field in this case.
The passive mode of communication is very important for battery-powered devices like mobile phones and PDAs that need to prioritize energy use. The NFC protocol enables such devices to be used in power-saving mode, so that energy can be conserved for other operations.
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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

14 Best Windows 7 Tips and Hacks

1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Using the mouse, you can drag-”˜n-dock windows to either side of the screen, or drag it to the top to maximize it. These keyboard shortcuts are even faster:

.Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow dock the window to the left and right side of the screen
.Win+Up Arrow and Win+Down Arrow maximize and restore/minimize
.Win+M minimizes everything
.Alt+Up, Alt+Left Arrow, Alt+Right Arrow navigate to parent folder, or browse Back and Forward through folders in Explorer
.Win+Home minimizes/restores all open windows except the active window
Alt+Win+# accesses the Jump List of program number ‘#’ on the taskbar

2.Rearrange System Tray Icons
You can rearrange icons on the taskbar as you wish and start new (or switch to running) instances of the first ten taskbar programs using Win+1, Win+2, and so on. The cool thing is you can also rearrange system tray icons. Reorder them on the tray or move them outside or back in the tray. Take control of what you want to always keep an eye on, and from which apps you’ll require notifications.

3. Access Jump Lists with the Left Mouse Button

Jump Lists usually show up when you right-click on a taskbar icon. However, they can also be accessed by holding the left mouse button and dragging upwards. If you’re using a laptop touchpad or a touch screen, this is convenient because you do not have to click any button to access a context menu.

4. Add Any Folder to Favorites

You can add any library or folder to the Favorites section in Windows Explorer. To add a folder, navigate to it in Explorer, right-click Favorites in the left navigation pane, and select Add current location to Favorites. Now you get quick access to your favorite folders in all File->Save As dialogs!

5. Pin Frequently Used Folders to the Taskbar

Right-click, drag, and pin your favorite folders to Windows Explorer on the taskbar. They will now show up in the Jump List when you right click on Explorer giving you quick access to your favorite folders.

6. Pin Control Panel to the Taskbar

You cannot pin the Control Panel to the taskbar via the Start Menu or by drag and drop. Open the Control Panel and right-click its taskbar icon to pin it to the taskbar. An advantage of this is that Control Panel’s Jump List allows quick access to recently used functions.

7. Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Programs

You can create keyboard shortcuts for any program in Windows 7. Right-click the program icon and select Properties. Select the Shortcut tab, click in Shortcut key, to set the keyboard shortcut for that program.

8. Open Command Prompt in Any Folder

Like the command prompt? Miss the “˜Open Command Window Here’ Windows XP power toy? Press “˜Shift’ when right-clicking on a folder to get that option in the context menu. This also works on the desktop. No power toy required!

9. View Expanded ‘Send To’ Menu

Press Shift when right-clicking on a folder to get an expanded Send To menu.

10. Adjust Screen Text with Clear Type

Use Clear Type Tuner for the best look on your LCD monitor or laptop screen. Run “˜cttune.exe‘ from the Start Menu search box, or go to the Control Panel Display applet, and select Adjust ClearType Text from the left.

11. Get Exact Colors On Your Screen

If you are an artist or you work with colors, use the Calibrate Color option in the Control Panel Display applet or run dccw.exe from the Start Menu search box. You can adjust gamma, brightness, contrast, and color balance, ensuring that colors are displayed correctly on your screen.
12. Customize the Power Button

If you restart your computer more often than you shut it down, change the default Shutdown power button to Restart. Right-click on Start, select Properties, and choose the Power button action that you use the most.

13. Search Internet from the Start Menu

Enable Internet search from the Start Menu using your default browser. Run GPEDIT.MSC from the Start Menu search box to start the Group Policy Editor. In the left pane, go to User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Start Menu and Taskbar. In the right pane, right-click to Edit and Enable Add Search Internet link to Start Menu.

14. Add Videos to Start Menu

Windows 7 does not place a link to your videos on the Start Menu by default. To add a link to your videos on the Start Menu, right-click Start, select Properties, click on Customize. In the Videos section at the bottom, choose Display as a link.

Did you like these tips? Tell us or share your tricks with us in the comments! Don’t forget
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Cognizant Recruiting 2010 and 2011 Freshers.

Cognizant Recruiting 2010 and 2011 Freshers.

Location: Across India

Eligibility Criteria

·2010/2011 batch BE / B Tech / ME / M Tech / MCA / M Sc (CS / IT) candidates only
·Consistent academic record of minimum 60% in X, XII, UG and PG (if applicable) with no standing arrears
·Good interpersonal, analytical and communication (both written and verbal) skills
·Candidates with degrees through correspondence/ part-time courses are not eligible to apply
·Candidates who have appeared for the Cognizant recruitment process in the last 9 months are not eligible
·Open only to Indian nationals

Click Here To Apply
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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mphasis is recruiting Graduates passed out in 2009/ 2010

Job Description: Development & Testing


Click Here To Apply
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Google Search goes Social with +1 (PlusOne) button | How to Enable it

Google Search already showed your friends from Googl Talk, Twitter and few other social sites your starred sites. Get ready to go one step further with Google +1.

You can now +1 web links and your friends will be able to see your recommendations. This is very much like the Facebook LIKE button, but could be even better as it has much wider reach.

The beauty of +1’s is their relevance—you get the right recommendations (because they come from people who matter to you), at the right time (when you are actually looking for information about that topic) and in the right format (your search results).

Checkout the Video:

How to Get/Enable Google +1 in Search

Google Search will now incorporate recommendations from all sites you’re connected to, you can edit those under “Social Circle and Content” section of the Google Dashboard.

To kick start, create a Google profile or upgrade it. You can use your profile to see all of your +1’s in one place, and delete those you no longer want to recommend.

Google PlusOne +1 is rolled out to US then other countries, if you cant wait goto experimental search site and then visit . Initially, +1’s will appear alongside search results and ads, but in the weeks ahead they’ll appear in many more places (including other Google products and sites across the web).

Enjoy the new Social search experience as Social recommendations start appearing over time.
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How to Edit Comments on Facebook

Facebook has rolled significant number of changes to its Social networking platform. The most recent one had been focussing a more real-time experience with the Feed and comments that let you update the content automatically.

With the new changes coming to comments, now, instead of pressing Comment, you simply press the “Enter” key to publish a comment and another feature that lets you edit comments in Facebook!

How to Edit Comments on Facebook

When you comment on a friend’s status photo, update or link, you can now press the ‘X’ in the top right corner to edit it. Your comment instantly come to the Editing mode where you can alter what you’ve written and when you’re done, just press Enter to save it again.

However, it would not work when:

The editing is allowed within 60 seconds of comment being published.
If someone comments after you, your comment is locked. Solution? You can still delete it and republish.

You might wish to note that everyone on the thread still gets notifications when you edit comment.
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Monday, 11 April 2011

Don't Touch That! 8 Ways to Protect Yourself From Germs in Public Places

Beware of these locations and surfaces

1. Restaurant Menus

Have you ever seen anyone wash a menu? Probably not. A study in the Journal of Medical Virology reported that cold and flu viruses can survive for 18 hours on hard surfaces. If it's a popular restaurant, hundreds of people could be handling the menus — and passing their germs on to you. Never let a menu touch your plate or silverware, and be sure to wash your hands after you place your order.

2. Lemon Wedges

According to a 2007 study in the Journal of Environmental Health, nearly 70 percent of the lemon wedges perched on the rims of restaurant glasses contain disease-causing microbes. When the researchers ordered drinks at 21 different restaurants, they found 25 different microorganisms lingering on the 76 lemons they secured, including E. coli and other fecal bacteria. Tell your server that you'd prefer your beverage sans fruit. Why risk it?

3. Condiment Dispensers

It's the rare eatery that regularly cleans its condiment containers. And the reality is that many people don't wash their hands before eating, says Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., a germs specialist and public health professor at the University of Arizona. So while you may be diligent, the guy who poured the ketchup before you may not have been, which means his germs are now on your fingers — and your fries. Squirt hand sanitizer on the outside of the condiment bottle or use a disinfectant wipe before you grab it.

4. Restroom Door Handles

Don't think you can escape the restroom without touching the door handle? Palm a spare paper towel after you wash up and use it to grasp the handle. Yes, other patrons may think you're a germ-phobe — but you'll never see them again, and you're the one who won't get sick.

5. Soap Dispensers

About 25 percent of public restroom dispensers are contaminated with fecal bacteria. Soap that harbors bacteria may seem ironic, but that's exactly what a University of Arizona study found. "Most of these containers are never cleaned, so bacteria grow as the soap scum builds up," says microbiologist Charles Gerba, Ph.D., who directed the study. "And the bottoms are touched by dirty hands, so there's a continuous culture feeding millions of bacteria." Be sure to scrub your hands thoroughly with plenty of hot water for 15 to 20 seconds — and if you happen to have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, use that, too.

6. Grocery Carts

The handles of almost two-thirds of the shopping carts tested in a 2007 study at the University of Arizona were contaminated with fecal bacteria. In fact, the bacterial counts of the carts exceeded those of the average public restroom. To protect yourself: Swab the handle with a disinfectant wipe before grabbing hold (stores are starting to provide them, so look around for a dispenser). And while you're wheeling around the supermarket, skip the free food samples, which are nothing more than communal hand-to-germ-to-mouth zones.

7. Airplane Bathrooms

When microbiologist Charles Gerba, Ph.D., tested for microbes in the bathrooms of commercial jets, he found surfaces from faucets to doorknobs to be contaminated with E. coli. It's not surprising, then, that people often get sick after traveling by plane. Clean your hands thoroughly with a sanitizer and try not to directly touch the surfaces.

8. Doctors' Offices
A doctor's office is not the place to be if you're trying to avoid germs. To limit your exposure: Bring your own books and magazines (and toys, if you have your children or grandchildren with you) and pack your own tissues and hand sanitizers, which should have an alcohol content of at least 60 percent. If possible, in the waiting room, leave at least two chairs between you and the other patients to reduce your chances of picking up their bugs. Germ droplets from coughing and sneezing can travel about 3 feet before falling to the floor.

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Some Useful Tips For Getting a Good Night's Sleep Article Source

Many people have difficulty getting enough sleep at night. All of them consume medicine that could help them to fall asleep. But, you need to know the consumption of the medicine in an excessive amount will give many bad effects.

For getting a good night's sleep, you need to know about some useful tips here that will help you to sleep enough. All of those tips are easy to be done so you need to check them out. It is the right solution that you need to do.

You need to avert the consumption of tea and coffee late at night. Those beverages contain ingredients that could make you get difficulty in sleeping. If you would like to drink them, it is better for you to do it in the evening. So, you are able to enjoy your time to sleep. But, you can drink herbal tea which is useful for you than ordinary tea.

If you are a smoker, it is time to stop your bad habit. Smoking is another reason why you could get any difficulty to sleep because it contains nicotine. Nicotine is considered as a stimulant to make you not fall asleep. So, you need to avoid smoking if you would like to get enough time to sleep.

Also, you do not need to do some exercises at night because it only gives you a tired feeling and sleepy feeling. It is better for you to do the exercise at the early part of the day that could help you in getting a restful sleep. Try it now and you will see the differences in your body and it will help you to be healthier.
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Thursday, 7 April 2011

TCS going to conduct off-campus recruitment for freshers at end of april.

Location:All over india

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Windows XP slow shutdown

Windows XP slow shutdown
You may experience Windows XP slow shutdown sequences when something is wrong with your Windows installation. Shutdown problems are one of the most common computer problems.

It may be a small comfort, but one thing is for sure : if you are experiencing shutdown problems, you are not alone.
ome of the symptoms that may occur :

Slow shutdown
Shutdown seems to hang
Computer reboots instead of shutdown
These problems often remain unsolved for several reasons. Most of the time it only slows you down, but you can still work on your computer. Most people don't even try to solve it because they think it requires expert skills to fix Windows XP slow shutdown situations.

Don't be like most people.

Troubleshooting Windows XP slow shutdown sequences can be a lot easier than you think.

Your computer reboots rather than shutting down
A lot of computers with shutdown problems do this. It's because Windows XP has a default setting to reboot the computer in the event of a system crash. When something goes wrong during the shutdown event, Windows may think that it crashed and restarts your computer.

First thing to do when this happens to your computer is configure Windows so that it doesn't automatically restart after a critical failure :

Click the start button, right-click "My Computer" and select properties
Click the "advanced" tab
In the "Startup and Recovery" section, click the "settings" button
The "Startup and Recovery" dialog appears
In the "System failure" section, deselect the "Automatically restart" checkbox
Click ok
Click ok
Turn off the auto-reboot option to prevent reboot instead of shutdown

Hardware device drivers
Problematic device drivers are another well-know cause for shutdown problems. To quickly check if your system contains devices with problematic drivers :

Click the Start button
Right-click "My Computer" and select "Properties"
Click the "hardware" tab
In the "Device Manager" section, click the "Device Manager" button
Windows shows the Device Manager with a complete list of all the hardware it finds in your computer. Look for any devices with an exclamation point or a question mark in a yellow circle. These are devices that have problems with their drivers and that can cause you a lot of trouble.

Some feature-rich keyboards or other input devices are known to cause trouble during the shutdown sequence. If you see any of those easy-replaceable, problematic (yellow circle) devices in your device manager, try replacing it with a more standard piece of hardware and test shutdown.
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Windows XP Secrets

1.Notepad secrets
Create a log
Open Notepad
On the very first line, type in ".LOG" (without quotes) then press Enter for a new line
Now you can type in some text if you want, then save the file.
Next time when you open the file, notice its contents. Notepad automatically adds a time/date log everytime you open the file.
Text becomes unreadable
Open Notepad
On the very first line, type in "dont eat the donut" (without quotes) then save and close the file. Note: the file should have only one line of the text above.
Now, open the same file. You'll notice the text becomes unreadable squares. (try this with different text with the same format and length).

2.Paint Secrets

Create a trail image
Open Paint, then open an image.
Right-click on the image and select "Select All"
Now hold the "Shift" key and move the image around. The image will be drawn with trail.
10x Zoom
Open Paint, then open a small image.
Select the zoom "Magnifier" tool.
Windows Paint lists out the zoom options from 1x to 8x, but there is a 10x...
After selecting the Magnifier tool, point the mouse right at the border line right under "8x" and left-click. There you go.. the hidden 10x.

Other secrets
Where is the relaxing music that you've heard during Windows XP Installation?
The file is in:

Game secrets
Solitaire: Instant Win
Press Alt + Shift + 2 to instantly win
Solitaire: Draw only 1 card (instead of 3)
Hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift then click on unopen cards to draw.
FreeCell: Instant Win
Hold down Ctrl + Shift + F10 while playing, then click Abort.
Now move one card.
FreeCell: Hidden Game Modes
Go to "Game" menu choose "Select Game"
Here you can choose from game mode 1 to 1,000,000. But -1 and -2 will also work (hidden modes)
Hearts: Show All Card
Warning! this requires a modification on your registry. Be sure you follow the steps carefully. Damage your registry might damage your Windows.
Open the "Registry Editor" by: "Start" >> "Run" then type "regedit" and press Enter
Expand to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Hearts
Right-click on the right panel and create a new String value with the name "ZB"
Double-click to open this key "ZB" to edit its value. Then enter "42" and close the Registry Editor.
Start Hearts and Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F12 to show all the cards
Minesweeper: Stop The Timer
When you start to play a new game, the timer is ticking...
Press Windows Key + D to show desktop.
Now come back to the game by selecting it from the taskbar. The timer is stopped.
Unlimited Balls: Type bmax at a new game to get unlimited balls (no notification).
Extra Balls: Type 1max at a new game to get extra balls.
Gravity Well: Type gmax at a new game to activate Gravity Well.
Promotion: Type rmax at a new game or while playing to get instant promotion and raising rank.
Extra points with partial shots: Partially shot the ball just to pass the yellow light bars. There are 6 bars. With the first bar, you'll get 15,000 points, 2nd: 30,000,...
Extra points with partial shots: Partially shot the ball just to pass the yellow light bars. There are 6 bars. With the first bar, you'll get 15,000 points, 2nd: 30,000,...
Test Mode: Type hidden test with a new ball or new game. Now you can use your mouse to drag and move the ball where you want.
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Create a desktop icons

Create a desktop icon with attitude
Want to create a desktop icon on steroids ? The Windows XP Desktop offers some powerful customization possibilities that can highly automate your everyday tasks.

Here is a nice tip to create a desktop icon that writes an entire email message with one single click.

Note : This Windows XP tips and tricks technique has its limitations because the command line length cannot be longer than 255 characters, but nevertheless it can be a huge time-saver.

Right-click an empty space on your desktop
Select the option "new" and then "shortcut"
In the "Create Shortcut" dialog, type
Of course you should change the email address and the subject into something more useful. Please note, however that the "create new shortcut wizard" is not smart enough to handle spaces. This is no problem, because you can edit the properties after the shortcut is created and then it's ok to use spaces. We'll get to that in a minute, but let's finish this step first :

Click next
Enter a descriptive name for the shortcut
Click finish
The new shortcut will show up on your desktop. Double-click it to try. Windows fires up your email program with the addressee and subject already filled in. Of course you can complete the message before you hit "send".

Automatic email with message body pre-written ?
It's easy to create a desktop icon that pre-writes some generic text in the message body.

Right-click the icon you created in the previous step
Select properties
In the input field enter Report& Mike, here is today's report. (without the quotes and it's ok to use spaces this time)
This is a powerful technique to create pre-written email message icons. You can create complete pre-written email messages with one single click.

Meaning of the special characters in the shortcut command line :

; is used to separate multiple email addresses
? is used to separate the email address field from other fields like "cc" and "subject"
& marks the end of a field and the beginning of a new field

Create a desktop icon to open multiple documents with a single click
Maybe you have several documents that you always use together. It can be very convenient to pop them up with one single click. Here's how to create a desktop icon for that :

Minimize all running programs so that your desktop is visible
Click the start button
In "all programs", navigate to the program of your choice (Let's say Word), right-click it and drag it to your desktop
Select "copy here"
Word's shortcut is now on your desktop. Time to add your documents to your desktop :

In Explorer, navigate to the documents that you want to open together
Right-click the first document that you want to add and select send to -> desktop (shortcut)
Repeat for every document you want to add
Ok, now that you have the necessary icons on your desktop :

Step 1 : Right-click Word's icon and select properties. Leave this window open as you continue with the next step
Step 2: right-click the icon of one of the documents that you want to open in group and select properties
Step 3: The content of the "target" field is already selected in the properties dialog, all you need to do now is press Ctrl+C to copy the content to the clipboard
Step 4: Click cancel and go back to the properties dialog for Word
Step 5: In this dialog, click somewhere in the "target" field, hit the "end" button on your keyboard and then hit the space bar
Step 6: Now press Ctrl+V to paste the document name behind the program
Step 7: Repeat steps 2 through 6 for every document that you want to add
Step 8: Windows always puts the complete path to the documents in the target field. If you notice that the total length for all the document paths is too much to fit in the Word "target" field, you can put the path in the "start in" field and leave it out from the "target" field.
Step 9: When you are ready, click ok
Step 10: Double-click the Word shortcut on your desktop to see if it works.
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Performance tips for Windows XP

1. Optimize your paging file
Windows XP uses a paging file on your hard disk to store information when the amount of available RAM memory isn't sufficient to hold all the data that is being processed. For instance, when you are working on a very large Word document that is too big to fit in your computer's RAM, Windows XP starts swapping part of it's data in and out the paging file on your hard disk.

Hard disk access is typically a lot slower than RAM access, that's why you should optimize your paging file.

Click the Start button, right click "My Computer" and select "Properties"
Select the "advanced" tab
Under "Performance" click on the "Settings" button
Again, select the "advanced" tab
Under "Virtual Memory" click on the "Change" button
Windows will then show the available hard drives in your computer and the paging file settings for each drive. If you have more than one hard disk, you should place your paging file on another disk than the system disk (where Windows is installed).

That is to avoid contention on the disk controller when Windows is working with system files and the paging file simultaneously.

Usually the system disk is C:, so select any other disk if you have one and then check the "Custom size" radio button. Type in the same value for "Initial size" and "Maximum size", so that Windows doesn't need time to resize the paging file while you are working with your computer. Microsoft recommends about 1.5 times the amount of RAM in your computer. Click the "Set" button to commit the changes you have made.

It is possible to have multiple paging files on multiple disks, but try to avoid having a paging file on your system disk. Just select that disk and select the "No paging file" radio button.

2. Optimize display settings
A lot of performance tips for Windows XP talk about the overall sexy-ness of Windows XP and the performance price you have to pay for it. If you are working on an older computer and you care more about speed than graphical coolness of the Windows XP interface, you might want to consider toning down the graphics a bit.

Click the Start button, right click "My Computer" and select "Properties"
Select the "advanced" tab
Under "Performance" click on the "Settings" button
Click the "Visual Effects" tab
Select the "Adjust for best performance" radio button and click ok
If this change is too radical for you, you can try experimenting with the different individual settings as well.

3. Indexing service
The indexing service is a program that indexes files on your computer to speed up search results when you perform a search. It usually wakes up and starts doing it's job when your computer is idle. That's the reason why some pc's hard disks often start making a lot of noise when nobody's working on them.

The indexing service is also mentioned in a lot of performance tips for Windows XP, because it can interfere with your work. If you don't perform a lot of file searches on your pc, you might want to disable the indexing service.

Click on the Start button, right click "My Computer" and select "Manage"
In the navigation tree at the left, go to the bottom and click the little "+" sign next to "services and applications"
Select "Services"
In the right Windows pane, scroll to "Indexing service", right click it and select "Properties"
Make sure that "Manual" is selected from the drop-down list under "Startup type"

4. Use the NTFS file system
Performance tips for Windows XP often mention the use of the NTFS file system because it works slightly faster than the FAT32 file system. Besides the performance benefit, you will also enjoy improved stability and security in comparison with the FAT32 file system.

You can convert an existing FAT32 file system to NTFS without data loss, but always remember that older operating systems like Windows 98 cannot work with NTFS.

Proceed with care if you have more than one operating system on your pc.

Click on the Start button, right-click "My Computer" and select "Manage"
In the navigation pane on the left, expand "storage" and choose "Disk Management"
The details on the right will reveal the file system details for each of your drives. Also make a note of the drive's volume name.
To convert a drive's file system :

Click the Start button and select "Run"
Type "convert d: /fs:ntfs" (without the quotes - replace d: with the drive letter that you want to convert) and click ok
A dos box will open and ask for the drive's volume name
Enter the volume name and hit the ENTER key
Windows will start the conversion to NTFS and notifies you when it is finished.
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