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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How to Use Coconut Oil As A Hair Treatment

Coconut oil has been used in India and other parts of Asia as a hair treatment for many years. Used as a hair treatment and a conditioner, coconut oil is known to add bounce and shine to dry and damaged hair. When combined with other essential oils, coconut oil makes an excellent dandruff treatment. Recent research shows that coconut oil has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and reduce protein loss as compared to other oils such as sunflower oils or mineral oils. Making a hair treatment out of a good quality coconut oil is fun and easy to do. Here is how.


things you'll need:
pure coconut oil
4 drops each of essential oils of lavender and geranium
4 drops of any two of these: essential oils of rosemary, cedarwood, tea tree, or neem
Comb or brush
A gentle shampoo

1.Buy a good quality coconut oil from a health food store. Use a virgin coconut oil that is made from fresh coconut meat rather than a refined coconut oil that has been stripped off its beneficial nutrients.

2.Brush hair thoroughly and comb out all the tangles.

3.Scoop out some coconut oil into a cup. Put the cup in a pot with warm water to melt the oil gently. Even though coconut oil stays a liquid in tropical climates, it solidifies at room temperature in most of North America. Coconut oil melts at around 76 degree centigrade.

4.Add essential oils to enhance the coconut oil treatment. A couple of drops of rosemary, neem, tea tree, or cedarwood essential oil added to the treatment will help fight dandruff and encourage hair growth. A few drops of lavender and geranium essential oils added to the coconut oil will nourish dry hair and also have an added bonus of being a soothing and stress relieving treatment.

5.Pour some of the warm oil into hands and massage scalp for a few minutes. Coat hair thoroughly with the rest of the coconut oil in the cup.

6.Put on a shower cap, or just use some saran wrap to cover hair. Leave the hair treatment on overnight for very dry hair. For oily or normal hair, leave the treatment on for two hours.

7.Wash out hair with a gentle shampoo. Hair may have to shampooed out twice to get all the oil out. Skip using a post shampoo conditioner.

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