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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How do I increase my fan count On Facebook

These days three burning questions seem to be on every page admin’s mind:
  1. How do I increase my fan count?
  2. How do I quickly add more punch to my Facebook page?
  3. How can I become more effective at social media marketing without breaking my budget?
Clearly the hardest part about using Facebook to grow your brand is knowing where to begin. Sure, there are a ton of resources out there attempting (some even proclaiming) to help you get more impact out of your efforts, but they’re more than likely blowing smoke, unproven, or taking something relatively simple (building a custom Facebook page) and spinning it into something exceedingly complex.
Say hello to a page admin’s new best friend: Facebook app provider North Social. With an affordable buffet of 18 easy-to-install apps, North Social enables you to quickly activate fan-only promotions, showcase and sell products, distribute viral content, capture visitor contact info, and much more.

So, if you’re about to print out a lengthy PowerPoint for your boss or client detailing how you’re going to accelerate the growth of their Facebook page, do yourself a favor; abort mission.
Save a tree (and some face) by visiting North Social; you’ll find smart ideas on how to get more out of Facebook by browsing 150+ usage examples across 20+ industry categories.
Although North Social apps have consistently proven to enhance the performance of Facebook pages, they are approved for use by Facebook, have not caused Page Admin health problems, or ever had to face a Congressional panel.


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