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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Google translation is now available in kannada also...including 4 other indian languages.

At last five new languages from the Indian subcontinent have been added to Google’s language translation service, although on an “experimental" basis for now.

Google research scientist Ashish Venugopal said Google Translate now supports the Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu languages.

Venugopal said Indic languages differ from English in many ways, presenting several exciting challenges when developing their respective translation systems.

According to Venugopal, Indian languages often use the Subject Object Verb (SOV) ordering to form sentences, unlike English, which uses Subject Verb Object (SVO) ordering.

“This difference in sentence structure makes it harder to produce fluent translations; the more words that need to be reordered, the more chance there is to make mistakes when moving them. Tamil, Telugu and Kannada are also highly agglutinative, meaning a single word often includes affixes that represent additional meaning, like tense or number," Venugopal said.

for translating english to kannada just go through this link.


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