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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

How to Unlock All the Levels in Angry Birds Chrome Version

Recently Rovio Mobile has released a PC version of its popular Angry Birds game and now you can play angry birds online in your web browser. But how to unlock all levels in angry birds? This question might be in minds of many of you. Specially those who have completed most of the levels on their mobile phone and now want to complete rest of the levels on their PC.

Well now you can unlock all levels of this popular and addictive game with the help of a JavaScript. Wes Bos, a web developer found the hack just after few hour of its release.

Unlock all levels in Angry Birds Chrome version

Just copy and paste the following JavaScript into the address bar of your Chrome browser and you are ready to unlock all the levels.

javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem('level_star_'+i,'3'); i++; } window.location.reload(); In the following screenshot you can see that all levels are unlocked.

In case you want to lock all the levels back then you can use the following code of JavaScript.

javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem('level_star_'+i,'-1'); i++; } window.location.reload();

So are you going to play all the levels and unlock them all or just use this JavaScript and unlock the levels in one go?


cookingvarieties 1 June 2011 at 10:46

hi sachin, this is great, this sure will benefit me I think. I will have to read again so that I can digest more from your tutorial. Many thanks for sharing...

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