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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ten Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Mobile Battery

And there it goes again, just when you wanted to say something really important, your phone dies on you.

It has happened once to almost everyone with a mobile phone, and there have been discussion galore on how to save battery and make it last longer.

And here are some points to help you combat power loss:

1. Turn of anything and everything that makes sounds within your phone.

2. Most Mobile Phones have the energy saving or Battery Saving Setting, Use it!

3. It's time to take off that animated wall paper off, it eats up your batter like none other.

4. Just like your laptop, turning down the screen brightness for your mobile helps as well.

5. Have a look at your Backlight setting, do you really need it to stay for longer than ten seconds? You can actually turn of the backlight, if you can make use of the light of the place you are in.

6. Turn Off Bluetooth- Most of the time, people tend to switch of Bluetooth, and it's a major battery power eater.

7. Don't have the vibrate and ring option at the same time. It's advicable to have neither.

8. Don't overcharge your phone, the extra heat can harm your battery's performance.

9. Avoid fiddling with it, don't use unnecessary applications.

10. Switch off your phone when you're not using it, this really helps to prolong the life of the battery.

Hope this helps, have a healthy battery!


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