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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Run and Terminate Task Manager from Excel with Useful Suspend Process Command

Task Manager is built-in in Windows. it is one of important tool for users whenever a program crash or system hangs. You need to run a taskmanager to end up the program. You can run Task manager for commanding in Windows 7, Vista or XP with CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.

When you are jammed with such problem, one simple way to ensure the processes running on your computer is to use a Task Manager that can be run from MICROSOFT EXCEL! You can run program using Macro command in Excel. It allows you to executable .exe, vbscript files.

TaskManager.xls is a simple taskmanager implemented in Excel/VBA. It can list the running processes; and terminate, suspend or resume selected processes.

Push button “List processes” to list all processes:

TaskManager.xls is not run on Openoffice. You need to view this app in windows and in MS office.


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