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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Porting Android on your desktop PC

Android is a mobile operating system upon the Linux kernel and GNU software. Android which developed by Google, is famous for it high performance and open source mobile phone operating system.

Visit android-x86 site here, I’m going to explain HOWTO run android on x86 based desktop.

1. Download img or iso file from android-x86 here
2. You can do CD image or USB image using Unetbootin for windows.
a. Download the UnetBootin.
b. Install the UnetBootin.
c. Select “USB DRIVE” and Drive Letter “H:\”
d. Press Ok, and Wait for finish
3. After making bootable image , connect USB to system and then restart your system. You need to set USB boot priority high in BIOS.

4. After restating you will see following Screen.

5. Initially don’t install Android to hard disk . Just select “R un Android-x86 without installation”

6. Follow the booting screen you will see android screen after some time.

7. Enjoy Android on your Desktop.


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