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Saturday, 19 March 2011

How to Suspend Process in Windows without Terminating

Sometimes when we are running lots of apps, your Windows tends to go slow. The Operating System doesn’t always understand end-user’s need for speed on a particular application. All it does is try to share the CPU with all the running applications, so that all (or most) of them have same priority.

What is the Result? A hungry process may eat up most the the CPU time leading other programs in disguise.

Best example would be Photoshop, Firefox (with lots of Tabs), Eclipse, any Video encoding app, antivirus etc. Or even sometimes an unwanted process starts eating most of your resources and you are not able to kill it (coz it may be a system process or un-killable antivirus).

The solution is to suspend/Pause the process till the time we want other apps to run faster and then Resume it back. In fact, this can be done fairly easy in Unix using ”jobs -p” and “Ctrl + Z”.

On Windows, however, you can use tool called Process Explorer . (Microsoft)

To suspend a process simply right click > Suspend. And to resume Right click >Resume.

here is another app which is fairly simple: Process Freezer and does just that.

Alternatively, you can change Process Priority to a lower one. This can be done in Windows TaskManager too. Certainly, helps in reducing the pain.

Try these tips and get Rid of sluggish apps.


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