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Thursday, 31 March 2011

How to speedup windows XP

Disable unused startup programs.

When you boot your computer, so many programs start with windows XP just

like scheduler TV,Adobe gama loader,PDF updater,Blue tooth,pc suit

phone,antiviruses and other defaults programs essentials to run XP.So many

programs not essential.Windows XP runs with minimum programs. If you

bypass some less important programs then it is possible XP boot fastly.

1. Go to start button – Run

2. Type `msconfig.exe``

3. Click on OK button.

4. A system configuration utility window show up.

5. Click on start up TAB.

6. You will see several boxes and some of them will selected uncheck item unused. Do not uncheck antivirus.

7. Restart computer and after restarting check the box of dialogue window and close.

2. Remove spyware ,adware and malware

If your system infected with above , your system speed become very

Slow, because they generates popup ads, send spam emails, interfere

with good programs.

3. Optimize display settings.

1. click the start button.

2. Select control panel.

3. Double click on system icon.

4. Click on advanced tab.

5. Leave only the following ticked

- Show Shadows under menus.

- Show shadows under mouse pointer.

- Show translucent selection rectangle.

- Use drop shadows for icons and labels on the desktop.

- Use visual styles on windows and buttons.

- Clicks on apply and OK

4. Speed up file browsing.

When you open my computer and browse folder then you noticed that

slightly delay, because folder windows XP automatically searches for

network files and printers. To fix this and increase browsing speed.

1. Double click –my computer .

2. Click the Tool menu.

3. Select folder options.

4. Click on the view tab.

5. Uncheck the automatically search for network folders and printers check box.

6. Click apply.

7. click OK.

8. Reboot system.

5. Reduce page file size.

Page size is not constant by default .Due to this the operating system has to resize the file each time more space is required.

1. Right click my computer , select properties.

2. Click the advanced tab.

3. Click the settings tab.

4. Click the advanced tab.

5. Under virtual memory section click the change button.

6. Click on virtual memory.

7. Highlight C: drive.

8. Select the custom size and put some values as per your size of RAM memory.

9. Click on set then OK buttons and apply changes.

6. Clean your system registry.

So many registry cleaner program available on net.With the help of this clean

the registry .Before clean registry, don`t forget to take backup of registry.

7. Run disk clean up .

1. Double click the my computer icon.

2. Right click on C: drive

3. select properties.

4. Click the disk cleanup button.

5. Select temporary internet files and recycle bin.

6. Click on OK.

8. Enable direct memory access (DMA).

1. Right click on my computer ,select properties

2. Select hardware tab.

3. Click the device manager button.

4. double click IDE/ATAPI controllers.

5. Double click on primary IDE channel.

6. Click on advanced setting tab.

7. Set the transfer mode to DMA if available both for device I and O.

8. Click OK.

9. Disable file indexing.

Indexing service program consume large amount of memory.

1. Click start button.

2. Select the control panel.

3. Double click add/remove program.

4. Click the add/remove window components icon on the left side window.

5. This may take a few seconds to load.

6. look for the indexing services component in the list.

7. Uncheck the indexing services.

8. click next.

9. click finish.

10 Remove unused program.

- Remove unused program through control panel add remove program.


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