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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Create your own shutdown timer

Windows DOS has a shutdown command which can be used as a shutdown timer, as per our time requirements. It can be used for other functions like Logging off, Restarting etc.

Another pranky feature of this commend is, it allows you to shutdown remote computers. But remember, the remote computer you are trying to shutdown should be running with administrative privileges or the remote shutdown facility should not have been disabled.

shutdown -s -t "number of seconds to shutdown" (without quotes)

shutdown -s -t 120
[This will shutdown your computer within 120 seconds]

To shutdown a remote computer which is present on the same network enter shutdown -s -m -t 100.

To abort a scheduled shutdown enter shutdown -a

The -s parameter in the command specifies that it is going to shutdown the computer. Likewise you can use -r option to restart and -l to logoff.

Type shutdown /help to see a list of options that you can use with shutdown command for different purposes.

Type shutdown -i to get a GUI window to do your task easily.


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