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Saturday, 19 March 2011

5 Really Useful Web Design Forums That Everyone Must Know

If you are a web designer and you need some help then forums are the best way to get help. Web design forums and message boards are useful for everyone from beginner to professional as they are a great way of promoting your blog, for asking questions and getting help with problems. Forums are also great for adding to an existing website, to create a community around it, and to have a quicker way to publicly interact with people. Here we have compiled a list of top 5 web design forums and message boards to brush up your web design skill.


Create blog forum which is a resource website run by webmasters, web designers, and web developers is known to be the most popular among blog owners and designers with blogging platforms. This forum is a very good interacting platform on various levels because of the off topics like entertainment and lifestyle etc which makes this forum more interesting and entertaining.


It is an active big community focused on programming mostly. You can find a great variety of web design and web development tutorials covering all elements you need to grow your on-line business on Devshed. The Google Page Rank is 4 and Alexa Rank is 6854 and over 231,494 registered members have made a total of 2,008,598 posts in 530,646 Threads, mostly active members ratio is above 500 at a time.


The best suited forum for expert help is the Sitepoint as it has a speckled number of members who have so much knowledge in web design. Sitepoint is considered to be the more prominent than others as it is best known for its web developer books, marketplace and online magazine.


In order to get more information regarding web design from the people who are more expert in that, Forum4designers facilitates you with such a forum through which you can discuss you ideas with those experts. Signing up is easy, like when you sign up, you can start discussing topics with other people or start your own thread in order to know what people think about any particular subject.


Digital Point is a great forum for webmasters new and old which is a useful resource to visit. It is considered as the most talked about forum in this list. The moderators are fair to the policy and they have plenty of good articles on web design and development. This forum stands out in the crowd because of the nice edge and usability.


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